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1. If the death occurs in a residence and the deceased was under hospice care and the hospice worker or the attending physician is not at the residence at the time of death, you will need to immediately contact hospice. Hospice will contact the medical examiner for the release. In the event the deceased was not under hospice care, please call Heritage Memorial. We will contact the medical examiner and/or police to notify them of the death and the circumstances. In some cases the medical examiner and/or police will respond to the residence before the deceased is removed from the home.

2. If the death occurs in a hospital or care center, Heritage Memorial's name should be left with them and the institution will notify us at the time of the death. We will respond to provide the transportation of the deceased.

3. If the death occurs and you are not sure of who to notify or what to do, you may call us and we will assist you in notifying the proper agencies.

If you have already experienced a death, please contact us immediately at (503) 231-1400.

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